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8 secrete Code You should know - Android tips

8 amazing tricks of android which use for daily life  .Also this shortcut will find amazing tricks.
8secrete Code You should know - Android tips

Then Lets start,

(Note- This tricks useful for Android Mobile)

1. For Finding IMEI number of Number,

Mobile  IMEI number is very important for mobile Identification  .
 1. Dial *#06#
Dial this code for finding the IMEI number of ypor mobile
Dial for find IMEI no.

2.  For Open Secrete Menu -

Dial *#*#4636#*#* and open the secrete menu . In this menu we can find all option like,

dial this code For open secrete menu in android mobile
Secrete code

Call redirects
Wifi Bndwidth
radio resets
cpu status
battery status

3.For Hard reset Android Mobile-

Dial *2767*3855#
Dial *2767*3855# code for formatting  your android your mobile this code is for android mobile formatting
Hard Reset

this code hard format your Android Device . after pressing this code we will loose all data in your android mobile

(note-Think Twice Doing it- once you press this combination , there is no way to back. This code only works in  Android Devices.)

4.For See the Recording of last phone calls- 

 Dial *#*#8351#*#*

This code is for listing last call recording of your calls.

5.Find the Service center number-

 For getting the number of Service center number
  Dial *#5005*7672#

6.Quick Power Off button-

for quick power of your android mobile dial *#7594#*#*

for quick power off mobile this code is useful.

7. For See extra menu and See all sensors-

Dial  *#0011#
you can service mode.
this code is for seeing the all information about the extra function of your android phone and see all hidden sensors in your mobile phone

8.Hide Outgoing all call-
  this code is very important for hiding the caller ID for outgoing calls .
Dial *31#

I hope this code useful for android lovers

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