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Rooting Mobile Terms- Rooting the Android Mobile.

Now a days, we all know about all term in android phone terms. And most of people in India loves  to like use the android interface therefore its most important thing to do know about all terms in android .

            For use a android mobile use like super user that called basically rooting . In this blog we explained all terms in about rooting basic defination and know some information about Rooting the android. When we root the android then we can use as super user and you can make all changes in root folder .

[Note-Rooting the risky process. because in that process mobile phone lost its validity and warranty of mobile.So when you make your device rooted .As your personal responsibility.] 

                                     ROOTING RELATED TERMS- IN ANDROID

Explain the rooting term for android devices
what is mean by Root
    Rooting is the process that gaining the full control of the android mobile. That is mean by gaining the full control of android Operating system and software that runs. that is you can design your android as u wish. Customize the Android . Rooting is the bypassing this barrier your device potential and barrier of the android device .  Rooting is the process in Android and jail breaking the process in I phone as same as the android .

2. Recovery-

in that recovery in rooting process we can explain what about therooting
Recovery in Rooting

      Every android mobile comes with some recovery option . that is a hole hole OS of Android is install in it. When we use the Hard formatting the mobile . At that time after completing the process we can install custom Rom instead the android device. This process is carried out when we flsh the custom OS


SuperSu is the application that can use in the rooted android devices to gain all permission
SuperSu application

     basically Superuser/SuperSu  is the application which is runs on android rooted platform. With the use of the SuperSu application we can grant or permission of all the action oR  all application.
 With them help of SuperSu application we can easily access all permission  and gain the access the Root folder.


TWRP is application that is use to flash the another os in rooted android
TWRP Application

     Both are the recoveries in that can install the custom operating system. And you can all other changes in operating system.
Team Win Recovery project or TWRP
with help of above TWRP  application we can flash the another OS in the rooted device
We can flash another operating system in mobile with help of flash OS key. A show in above image

5.Custom ROM-

Custom Rom is customized the OS that can improve the OS
Custom ROM

     A customized and advanced version of OS . that containing many features and optimizations , is based on android latest version.
with help of custom ROM we can install all the operating system in your rooted device easily.
therefore the custom ROM plays the important role in Rooting the android device.

Boot loader is the code that can before make rooted device

    Boot loader is the code that runs before you rooting the android .on the device boot. bootloader helps to run another operating systematically in your device.. In the all android device First time bootloder is locked. You can root your mobile firstly you can unlock the bootloader.
 Various types of boot loaders in the various types brands of mobile. You can unlock the bootloader with most various methods available in the internet.

                  [Note- After unlocking the bootloader. warranty will be expired ] 

After knowing the the all terms in rooting the android . Just go too the rooted mobile and check the status of android rooted. with various application for root checker of your device

                            ENJOY THE ANDROID WITH ROOTED

After Successfully Root 


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