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How to increase your Android Phone Performance (Part 1)

Android phones are found almost everywhere,and they  range from low to high end smartphone.And All of them will slow down with time this us why its important to maintain your smartphone smoothness thew few step mentioned in this blogs..

So in this tutorial we learn that how can we increase the speed of your Android phone

                        @@@ For make your mobile fast please follow the tips@@@

1. Update your smartphone Firmware-
top 10 tip for improve our performance of android,apne android phone ki speeds kaise badaye
Update the firmware to improve our mobile performance.

     The update fix some bugs,add new features and other issues that may not be aware of. Such issues crop up with reasonable frequency , So  updating regularly will ensure the optimum performance for your phone.

2. Reset your mobile-

apne mobile speed kaise badaye..therefore hard reset the mobile phone to improve your mobile speed or performance
Reset the mobile to improve your mobile speed
Resetting erase everything an brings your mobile phone in original back in as like as new position.

3. Check the internal memory space -

delete some data or create some free space in internal storage to improve of your mobile speed..c
Delete some data into internal storage of mobile
    A low amount internal memory could be the reason behind  any lag problem of any mobile phone .So with help of moving the all media files in external storage devices and also uninstall the  unused app too.

4. Root your phone (if are you possible otherwise ignore the tip number 5)
Rooting the mobile phone that is most effective tips for improve our mobile speed or better performance
Root the android for better performance 

     Rooting the mobile gives you additional option to do with your phone. Also rooting is a risky solution this is bricks your phone..

       What is The Root?

to know what is the Rooting...   Click Here....

5. Update your mobile android version- 

to improve your android speed most important part to update the android version
Update the Android Operating system. 
    update your android version with latest android version to improve our speed. therefore with updating the version we can create some extra space .
    You can update the mobile to last to new version.  
  1.  Connect your device to Wi-Fi. Do so by swiping down from the top of your screen and tapping the Wi-Fi button. ...
  2. Open your device's Settings. ...
  3. Scroll down and tap About Device. ...
  4. Tap Update. ...
  5. Tap Check for Updates. ...
  6. Tap Update. ...
  7. Tap Install. ...
  8. Wait for the installation to complete 

6. Stop Syncing- 
to better for battery and phone performance stop syncing in the mobile phone
Stop sync in your Android 
Sync is a very good feature which synchronises your data with Go ogle servers. Keeping sync on, you can get notifications whenever new mail comes in or when you get new notifications or updates for apps. To do this, it does a refresh at every preset interval (e.g. it checks your mail every 5 minutes for new incoming mail), and this will eat into your android’s performance for other activities.
You can keep Sync off for unrequited services or only have it on when you need to transfer or upload materials to Goggle servers.
   7. Finally, Android smart phones are prone to security flaws, so it's important to be knowledgeable and to use common sense. Don't click on links or open attachments from unknown senders and be sure your device is updated with the latest security patches. Set up the Android Device Manager so you can lock your device remotely, track its location, or wipe it clean if you lose it. You can also encrypt your device for the utmost privacy. Learn about more ways to be smart about Android security.

8.Clear the cache data 

clear cache memory in android mobile to give better performance ..this is the  most important tips
clear cache memory
 Don’t know what cached data is? Well, it’s a good thing to have it, as it actually speeds up your device. By saving some data locally, the system can reduce loading times and avoid the need to grab the same bits from the Internet every single time you enter a website or app.
The issue is that cache can build up and become pretty heavy on your smartphone’s internal storage. Try to clear it from time to time, as it can also get old. The option is available for individual apps through the app manager, or you can look for a cache cleaning application in the Google Play Store.

Follow the above tips the sure that can make your mobile faster faster...

@@@           Stay tunned for more interesting mobile and                                computer tips               @@@@@

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